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It has become exceedingly easy to get swept away with work and responsibilities in today's society and though things may appear hectic, it’s critical as a dog-owner to make time for your pet. It's critical that you provide your dog with fair amounts of attention and activity or they can pick up nasty habits and become rather unhealthy pretty swiftly.

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Dog Walking - Get Outside, Get Active with Dogs & Puppies

I was once told by a friend that dogs begin to look like their owners after they adapt to their lifestyle. Unfortunately for me, this could not have been closer to the truth. Only a year back I was stressed from work to the point that I'd become so lazy I'd just sit around at home. Of course, both I and my beloved Jack Russell put on one or two kilos...

It can be simple to lose track of your dog's exercise in the work week. Monday was stressful and Tuesday did not get any simpler and now it's Wednesday and your dog is scratching at the front door for a run around the block.

It's crucial to have a walking schedule for your dog who without your dedication can start to display nasty habits and pick up negative health issues. Having a diary on the fridge for a quick gander each morning and afternoon keeps you and also your dog happy and healthy.

A Snug Bed for your Dog | Dogs & Puppy Bedding

If your dog is anything like mine then they would like to be as snug as practical when they're prepared for bed. Sadly the couch became my dog's bed and after a few weeks of continually cleaning the sofa cushions I knew I had to find him an alternative to earn my furniture reprieve.

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On the topic of furniture nothing frustrates me more than returning home to a chewed up couch cushion or a torn blanket. When my dog started teething I knew I had to find the correct chew-toy or my lounge room was doomed. If you do not want your home getting destroyed, then you'd best get one or two toys for your best friend. A quick game of tug-of-war or a squeak toy can keep your dog happy and entertained while keeping your furniture intact.

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